Face the evil inside lightblue

An ancient legend, a shattered family, an exorcist priest.

lightblue is a first person survival horror game. You are Father Gabriel, an exorcist priest with the task of putting an end to the weird paranormal events that take place in Prettymountain Lake, the small village home of the famous legend about a strange albino girl with light blue hair mysteriously disappeared.

Key features

  • Explore and interact with the game environment
  • Collect all the items related to the demon hidden in the haunted house and in the abandoned park
  • Complete all the tasks necessary to perform the rite of exorcism
  • Equip the crucifix and face the demons to restore peace to this cursed land
  • Unlock all Achievements

It all depends on you: have faith in the lord and face the evil inside lightblue.

Made by:

Giovanni Cassone

3D Artist, Material Designer, Audio & Video Editor and Cut Scenes Director

Giuseppe Cuzzola

Game Developer, Technical Director, Level Designer and Project Manager


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